les affinités recouvrées (Recovered Affinities)




© 1994 Cynthia Beth Rubin/VIDEOCHRONIQUES
music by Atau Tanaka

ANIMATION:Cynthia Beth Rubin
MUSIC & SOUND:Atau Tanaka
EDITING:Cynthia Beth Rubin
TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Kate Midgely, François Landroit
PRODUCTION: Cynthia Beth Rubin and VIDEOCHRONIQUES (co-production)
RUNNING TIME: 3 minutes (with titles)

Les Affinités Recouvrées was produced by Cynthia Beth Rubin while artist in residence at I.ME.RE.C (Institut Mediterranéen de Recherche et de Création) , under the auspices of VIDEOCHRONIQUES in Marseilles, France. VIDEOCHRONIQUES is coordinated by Joelle Metzger.


Les Affinités Recouvrées is an exploration of the strength of cultural ties. The various visual elements are based on references to historical sites and artifacts from the Moroccan Jewish community. Through the processes of the computer, they are mixed with references which show the influence of the Islamic culture. For the artist, who is Jewish of Ashkenasie origin, this work constitutes the research of culture which is close, and yet forgotten in the passages of history.


The imagery in les Affinités Recouvées is based on still photographs taken by the director (Cynthia Beth Rubin) in Morocco. The video is completely computer generated. The original photographs were composited inside a Macintosh computer, using various software (Adobe Photoshop, Studio/32, Fractal Design Painter). None of the images that we see in the video actually exists in the real world. The movement was controlled by animation software (Morph, by Gryphon, and Macromind Director).

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